College & Career Ministry

After high school, people take on many different paths as they traverse through life and into their careers, but they often come across some of the same challenges. The College & Career ministry was formed to unite our "young" adults (high school graduates to late 20s) in an environment where there can be great discussion regarding the many facets of life that this age demographic might endure, both new and familiar, and how the Bible answers the tough questions.

college & career night.jpg

Each Sunday morning at 9:30am during the Sunday School hour, the College & Career group will have time to dive into a variety of Bible topics and engage in open discussion, providing the opportunity for deeper understanding of the Biblical worldview and practical implications of the stories and messages shared by the God-inspired writers of The Word.

In addition to Sunday mornings, activities throughout the year will be scheduled to provide an opportunity for fellowship of our College & Career community, to grow closer together outside of the four walls of the church. Keep an eye on our social media pages, this website, emails, and the weekly bulletin for more information regarding such events.