Meal Ministry

With the Lord having expanded our church family within the past year, Sunday morning gatherings have become such that you may or may not know the person worshiping alongside you. In order for us to be a strong church, it is vital that we invest in one another's lives and become familiar with each other as a family of believers.


How It Works

Through our Meal Ministry, your family will be grouped with two other families for a period of three months. Within that time frame, you will host the families in your group, providing a meal for them in your home once. You will then be invited into those families' homes as they provide a meal for your family.

Click the button below or the image above to fill out the form and be placed on the next Meal Ministry rotation. Email with questions.

*Important Note*

We recognize that, due to COVID-19, some families may not yet be comfortable being involved in this ministry. Please know that future rotations of this ministry will continue in 2021, and that we encourage each family to make educated, Biblically-influenced decisions regarding the best practices of health and safety.